Chiropractic Benefits During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can definitely be a very uncomfortable time and can cause some women to have back and hip pain.

The extra weight of a growing baby can place a lot of stress on the mothers back and pelvis. Having proper pelvic balance will promote a healthier position for the baby for delivery and possibly create more room for the developing baby. Breech babies can create a lot off issues with delivery. Dr. Garst is well trained in and has treated numerous patients with the Webster Technique. The Webster Technique has great success in naturally and non-invasively encouraging a baby to flip into a healthy position for delivery.

Overall, Chiropractic care during pregnancy can be hugely beneficial for pre-delivery, during delivery, and post-delivery recovery. Having proper nerve communication and proper alignment during pregnancy will promote a healthier mother and baby alike.

Dr. Garst is highly trained in treating pregnant women and knows the limits that that creates. We have proper adjustment tables in our office that take the stress off of the belly during the adjustments and can create a lot of relief for the mom. He will also provide some stretches and exercises that can aid in pain relief and a healthier, more pain free pregnancy!

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